Apple Dropped the Bono Icon in iTunes

You probably heard about the new Apple Music service announced this week, but you probably didn’t hear about one tragic (for U2 fans) change that came along with the new iTunes software and everything else: The Bono “All Artists” icon has been removed from iTunes!!! ACK! Have a look below at the old and new […]

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U2’s History of Activism in New Book

The World and U2: One Band’s Remaking of Global Activism presents and examines the band’s evolution as activists, its influence on activism, and the critiques that have emerged in response to U2’s work. It’s by Alan McPherson, professor of International and Area Studies at the University of Oklahoma. I’ve read it and it strikes me as […]

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New Graffiti Wall on U2’s I+E Tour

On Sunday night, May 31, U2 debuted a new feature on the Innocence + Experience tour. It’s kind of graffiti wall. What used to be a plain yellow wash on the giant screen during the beginning of “Invisible” is now a collage of scribbles, drawings and quotes in multiple languages.   One quote, appearing in […]

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Steve Lillywhite Remembers Windmill Lane

As fans say goodbye to the original Windmill Lane Studios, which is being demolished this week to make way for new developments, U2’s first producer Steve Lillywhite, who recorded U2’s first three albums there, shared his farewell too, as told to @U2 a few days ago: Windmill Lane was an average rock studio at best, […]

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This is NOT a stage design for U2’s tour

If you saw a post on Facebook, or perhaps in a forum, about what U2’s stage will look like and what sort of experience to expect in the arena for this year’s Innocence + Experience tour, don’t believe it. As far as we know here at @U2, no one is sharing reliable facts just yet about what’s […]

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