Angela Barresi’s U2 Fan Stories

It’s a long-standing tradition for U2 fans to get to the point where their passion for the band, its music, and its influence in their private and public lives prompts them to take pen to paper to tell others about it. I love that there’s this growing library of first-person stories coming out of U2 [...]

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Looking for U2 Fan Memorabilia for New Book

U2: Revolution is a new large-format book that will tell U2′s history from the fans’ perspective. Author Mat Snow and art editor Tom Seabrook describe it as a visual history and celebration of the band, from their formation in Ireland in the 1970s right up to their performance at the Oscars earlier this month. The book [...]

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Greg Carroll’s Teddy Bear: Much Loved

Awww. This is both too cute and too poignant at the same time. The line “grace makes beauty out of ugly things (or events, in this case),” comes to mind. Last year, Dublin-based photographer Mark Nixon published Much Loved, a collection of photographs of teddy bears with their owner’s stories. In it is a pic [...]

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A Tale of Two New U2 Books

One band. One city. One time period. Two new books. You probably know about North Side Story: U2 in Dublin, 1978 – 1983. It’s the brand-new limited-edition book is offering as this year’s thank-you gift for subscriptions to its fan club. Editor Niall Stokes collected Hot Press articles and then added some new interviews, lots of great [...]

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U2 Games to Play: SongPop (soon) and QuizUp

Words With Friends is pretty fun, but also kinda frustrating when it tells you that “zooropa” isn’t a word. Are there any games out there for your iPhone, Android phone or iPad that actually understand the U2 fan? Well, as it turns out, there are a couple. One is a great game called SongPop. It’s [...]

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Bono Marks World AIDS Day on ABC-TV

Today is World AIDS Day, and Bono showed up this morning on ABC’s This Week news program. George Stephanopoulos did the interview with Bono last week during the preparations for that big (RED) auction in New York City. Nothing much new that U2 fans haven’t heard before, but here’s the video: Unfortunately your browser does [...]

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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

I’ve just come from the Three Rivers Film Festival’s first screening of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. The movie ended with a somewhat weak round of applause from a diverse yet mostly white suburban Pittsburgh audience. I say “weak,” not because the movie was poorly directed or acted, but because the more than two-hour film [...]

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