A Party on the U2 Stage: Where The Streets Have No Name

Tonight’s concert in Montreal ended up being the grandest of celebrations for a packed audience, but even more so for some fans who got to join U2 on the main stage. As the band neared the end of the concert, following another impassioned plea from Bono — this time aimed at Canada’s top politicians — to be global leaders in the fight against HIV/AIDS, they ripped into “Streets.”  Bono must have felt especially joyful (maybe his meeting with Parliament leaders went well on Monday?), as he began pulling members of the audience on to the stage. And he didn’t just pick out a child or two. The stage was eventually filled with giddy, joyful, dancing fans.

As “Streets” ended, our loveable frontman instructed his small congregation to sit down (“I’m gonna sit down too”), and then gently counseled the eager fans, most of whom were armed with phone cameras, “Don’t photograph the moment. Be in the moment. You’re in the moment. Sing in the moment.” Some great advice from a statesman of audience participation. Tonight, U2 showed us, again, that they exist for their fans, and that the U2 community is indeed extraordinary.


UPDATE #2 (06/17/2015): It looks like famous fan of U2, Amp Bains, the turban-wearing physician from New York, was the first person invited up on the stage by Bono. Amp was the one who carried Bono on the e-stage in Vancouver, and has been pulled up several other times across multiple tours. The YouTube video is here.

(I’m giggling again, wondering how grateful Larry might have been to be sitting behind his drums!)


UPDATE (06/17/2015) Here is how it all started — Bono waving people up onto the stage, fans jumping the barriers, Dallas protecting Edge’s gear! Video by danielle02.



Thanks to Talie Després for the video immediately following the concert….



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