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U2 School For The Whole Family

Here’s a great way to learn about U2 and many of the other great rock acts of all time in Jason Hanley’s new book, Music Lab: We Rock! This “Fun Family Guide for Exploring Rock Music History” has 52 labs — one for each week of the year — and concludes, most appropriately, with U2. Each lab, […]

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Bono Whispers “The Darkest Midnight”

That’s a traditional Irish carol Bono is whispering on Michael W. Smith’s new Christmas album. “The Darkest Midnight” is from a collection called the Kilmore Carols, from the village of Kilmore in County Wexford. The song’s official title is “On Christ’s Nativity,” and while versions of the poem differ, it typically runs many verses long. Bono speaks […]

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“North Star” Jack Heaslip Writes In New Book

The first thank you in the notes for Songs of Innocence is “to Jack Heaslip, our North Star.” We don’t hear much from Heaslip, but he’s been a constant presence in U2’s life since meeting the boys when they were high schoolers at Mount Temple Comprehensive School and he was working there as a guidance counselor and […]

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Angela Barresi’s U2 Fan Stories

It’s a long-standing tradition for U2 fans to get to the point where their passion for the band, its music, and its influence in their private and public lives prompts them to take pen to paper to tell others about it. I love that there’s this growing library of first-person stories coming out of U2 […]

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Looking for U2 Fan Memorabilia for New Book

U2: Revolution is a new large-format book that will tell U2’s history from the fans’ perspective. Author Mat Snow and art editor Tom Seabrook describe it as a visual history and celebration of the band, from their formation in Ireland in the 1970s right up to their performance at the Oscars earlier this month. The book […]

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Greg Carroll’s Teddy Bear: Much Loved

Awww. This is both too cute and too poignant at the same time. The line “grace makes beauty out of ugly things (or events, in this case),” comes to mind. Last year, Dublin-based photographer Mark Nixon published Much Loved, a collection of photographs of teddy bears with their owner’s stories. In it is a pic […]

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A Tale of Two New U2 Books

One band. One city. One time period. Two new books. You probably know about North Side Story: U2 in Dublin, 1978 – 1983. It’s the brand-new limited-edition book is offering as this year’s thank-you gift for subscriptions to its fan club. Editor Niall Stokes collected Hot Press articles and then added some new interviews, lots of great […]

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Bono's a Cover Boy Again

Bono continues to tick off all the magazine covers in the world, one by one. This time, he’s on the cover of the current MIT Technology Review and is the cover story interview inside. Great first line: “To say that Bono is the lead singer of the rock band U2 is like saying that Thomas […]

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