Bono Involved Again with Festival au Desert

bono-maliYou might recall that Bono made a surprise appearance at the annual Festival au Desert in Mali just about one year ago. It seems like he’s involved in the event again this year, even though it’s going to be in a much different form.

Due to violence and unrest in the area, the festival has essentially been cancelled. But Manny Ansar, the original founder, said in a recent interview that they’re instead planning “events and caravans across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the US” this year, and that Bono is helping out.

“As for financing, this year there has been very little. Nothing confirmed so far. The Irish star Bono has promised to help after his surprise visit and stage appearance in last year’s edition. He often sends sympathetic messages of moral support. Bono is more involved and committed to the global caravan. He is in charge of this initiative, along with big names in the American cinema and media. At this stage, they are studying the feasibility of the project in different countries across North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and elsewhere in Africa. The first event in this world tour is expected in April. It is aimed at raising awareness of the conflict and helping to alleviate the suffering of refugees.”

The interview goes on to say that there will be an event in September to coincide with the UN General Assembly meeting.

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