Bono's a Cover Boy Again

Bono continues to tick off all the magazine covers in the world, one by one. This time, he’s on the cover of the current MIT Technology Review and is the cover story interview inside. Great first line: “To say that Bono is the lead singer of the rock band U2 is like saying that Thomas Edison invented the record player: it leaves out a lot of biography.” You can read the whole interview here.

No band news. No new album news. No talk about music. But it’s all good about his other passions, which includes several mentions of wanting to “electrify Africa.”

(How did I get my copy? Well, MIT alum and the Chief Architect of Aeronautical Systems for the U.S. Air Force passed the magazine to me after church yesterday, of course. That man Bono: bringing folks together again!)

One Response to Bono's a Cover Boy Again

  1. Chris January 23, 2013 at 11:31 am #

    MIT Tech Review slid a bit after their editorial change a few years ago, though it may have brought them a wider audience, who knows? I’ll give them points for this though, and to B for taking his position, which follows in the footsteps of a very wise woman. What will interest me is whether he will maintain that position when it comes to agritech (I’d hope so, especially for Africa), as it conflicts the position of Greenpeace, who, in my opinion, have slid into fearmongering, perhaps to keep their own coffers full.