Bono's TEDTalks Playlist

Bono on TEDI’m a fan of TEDTalks and one of my favorite is Bono’s talk, “Action for Africa.” In it, he recalls his initial foray into activism through Live Aid, his work in Ethopia with Ali, and his journey into becoming “a rock star with a cause.” It’s a beautiful and timely speech from February 2005. It certainly marked a moment when Bono came to the forefront of the conversation about aid to Africa.

Though Bono hasn’t done another TEDTalk, he has put together a playlist of his eight favorite talks. These are the ones that have motivated and inspired him.

It’s an impressive list including Bill and Melinda Gates, world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, World Bank Institute VP Sanjay Pradhan, Egyptian revolutionary Wael Ghonim and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Bono adds his own personal comments to each of the eight videos. He says of Seth Godin’s talk, “Describing a revolution in media in the most unrevolutionary terms, this talk is an understatement.”

With a total run time of 2 hours and 19 minutes, this is a set of “ideas worth spreading.” Here is the link to Bono’s playlist.

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