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A Blast From @U2's Past

As I’ve mentioned before, we recently moved into a new house. I’m still unpacking some old boxes, including a few that have old documents and paperwork. That explains how I found this: That’s the very first invoice from when I registered on July 14, 1998. It cost me $70 for the first two years […]

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Welcome to the new @U2 blog!

Hey U2 fans – you’ve found our new blog! Actually, same blog with all the great material you’ve been reading since February, 2005, but now we have a new domain — — and a new platform, WordPress. The changes that affect you are all good — a much cleaner design than we had before, […]

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Random blogging notes

Since it’s de rigeur for blogs to take part in the blogosphere (I hate that word), we should mention here that the San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper has started a Vertigo 2005 Tour blog. Still new, but I’ll be curious to see what kind of stuff gets posted there next week when U2 finally gets to […]

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Site(s) down

Hi to everyone who was smart enough to bookmark this page, and smart enough to come here when @U2 isn’t working. @U2 and are both down at the moment. Don’t know why, don’t know when they’ll be back. Both sites sit on the same server (at least until we move @U2 to a separate […]

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Photoblogging via Flickr

@U2 HQ backyard, Jan. 16, 2005 Originally uploaded by atu2. One of the reasons we want to start using Blogger is the integration with Flickr’s wonderful photo sharing tools. The photo at right is from my Flickr account and was uploaded last month to my photo collection. Even cooler is the ability to send images […]

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Welcome to the @U2 blog! As times and technology changes, we’re doing our best to keep up. The entire @U2 news staff has access to posting here on the blog, so check back in regularly — you never know who will be posting or what we’ll be posting about. Most of the newsy items will […]

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