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Bono Whispers “The Darkest Midnight”

That’s a traditional Irish carol Bono is whispering on Michael W. Smith’s new Christmas album. “The Darkest Midnight” is from a collection called the Kilmore Carols, from the village of Kilmore in County Wexford. The song’s official title is “On Christ’s Nativity,” and while versions of the poem differ, it typically runs many verses long. Bono speaks […]

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Bono turns up on old Orbison demo

Roy Orbison’s Mystery Girl is being rereleased with bonus material in celebration of the album’s 25th anniversary. Orbison died of a heart attack just days after finishing studio work on this highly-praised record, so the celebration is even more meaningful. One of the anniversary package’s bonus features includes a previously unreleased demo of Orbison working on […]

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Bono Goes for a Bike Ride? Really?

A gossip site called The Superficial published this photo of Bono riding a bike somewhere near his summer home in Eze, France. I kinda like how the folks at U2 Achtung phrased it: Incroyable! Bono en parfait cycliste dimanche dernier! Incroyable / Bono on a bike last Sunday! Unbelievable — U2 Achtung (@U2Achtung_) July […]

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Photog: "Bono Has … a Bison Head"

“Bono’s actually — even though he’s small, he has this huge — like a bison head, this really big head.” Poor Bono! That’s how photographer Gregory Heisler describes Bono in a video explaining how he put together the cover shot that TIME magazine used when it named Bono, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates as “persons […]

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