Rare U2 Footage Included in Amnesty DVD Set (Report)

7727-mYou know that 6-DVD Amnesty International concert set that we reported about a couple weeks ago on the main @U2 website?

It looks like it’s going to have some extremely rare U2 footage, taken from musician Peter Gabriel’s home video camera.

Here’s the deal: When I was researching years ago for my U2-A Diary book, I learned some new information about that 1986 Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope concert tour — namely that most of the musicians on the tour did a jam session while staying at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel in Atlanta. Bono sang “Sweet Jane,” but changed it to “Sweet Rose” for one of the patrons in the hotel lounge. Larry and Adam also took part in the late night jam session, but The Edge reportedly went to bed early that night and missed all the fun.

Now there’s an article out this week about how the producer of this 6-DVD set found Peter Gabriel’s home videos from the Amnesty tour, and is going to include some of the footage as bonus material:

“I found some of the tapes in a barn in upstate New York and then set about condensing and restoring his footage from the 10-day 1986 tour into a three-minute film to be included as an extra segment for the package.

“It was amazing. I had read that the musicians on the tour staged an impromptu jam session in a Ramada Inn in Atlanta, Georgia. That was there and there were 11 minutes of U2 jamming with members of Peter Gabriel and Lou Reed’s bands.”

It goes without saying that I’d love to see the full footage from that jam session … but I’ll gladly settle for a few minutes of it for now.

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