Special Offer: 12% Off Album Cover Wall Frames (for your U2 vinyl)

You may recall a few years ago when I wrote about my wall of U2 album covers and the cool frames I found to display them.


I ordered those from Rock Art Picture Show and have recommended the frames to many other U2 fans since then.

Interested in getting some album cover frames for your walls? Or maybe getting some as a gift for a friend or family member?

Gary, the owner of Rock Art Picture Show, has a special offer just for @U2 readers:

12 percent off any order if you type the word “private” in the message box during checkout. The discount is available on all orders placed by November 15th.

If you live outside the U.S., you can still take advantage of the discount. In fact, Gary says international customers will receive discounted shipping in addition to 12 percent frame savings. He’ll email international customers the total order price for approval prior to processing your order.

So don’t delay — whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend, get your orders in by November 15 for the 12% discount. You won’t be disappointed!

(Note: @U2 is an affiliate of Rock Art Picture Show. Gary has kindly agreed to share a small percentage of any sales with @U2. We’ll treat any revenue the same way we do your donations that help us pay for the website and our coverage of U2 news.)

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