Steve Lillywhite Remembers Windmill Lane

As fans say goodbye to the original Windmill Lane Studios, which is being demolished this week to make way for new developments, U2’s first producer Steve Lillywhite, who recorded U2’s first three albums there, shared his farewell too, as told to @U2 a few days ago:

Windmill Lane was an average rock studio at best, as well as a video editing company. Most other big Irish bands, like Thin Lizzy and The Boomtown Rats, moved to London to record. I was the first producer there ever to make a decent sounding rock record with Boy. I had to record Larry in the reception area because the studio got such a bad drum sound for a band like U2! Having said that, the staff were excellent and it was always well maintained.

Sections of the famous graffiti wall are being saved for future display.

One Response to Steve Lillywhite Remembers Windmill Lane

  1. mark stevens April 25, 2015 at 4:30 pm #

    Sad to see the building go. I was able to visit in late 1986 (JT was being recorded), with an ex living in Dublin. Was able to go inside, get a booklet, and see the stairwell where Larry’s kit was setup for “War” sessions. As we were leaving, a window opened just below street level near the front of the building, and what later turned out to be “Bullet” came blasting out…trippy.