U2 and Fast Cars

U2 3D is going to be seen speeding around a NASCAR race track this weekend in California.

Well, not the movie itself — they’re not showing it at the California Speedway. But the NASCAR #19 car driven by Elliott Sadler will be advertising the movie on the car’s hood, sides, and something called a “decklid”. Here’s what Elliott’s car looks like without the U2 3D stickers:

Elliott Sadler Best Buy car

As you can see, the U2 3D stuff will replace Best Buy’s logo — and that’s how this all came together. If you were reading the blog last month, you may recall Sherry writing about Best Buy’s involvement as a “presenting sponsor” of the movie.

As for the driver, he doesn’t sound like he knows much about U2, but like all other NASCAR drivers, he’s well-schooled in talking up his sponsors:

“U2 is one of those bands known around the world. I know so many people who have been to their shows and tell me what an experience it is to see that band live. Now, with this new 3D movie, it seems like everyone in the theater is going to feel like they’ve been to a U2 show when they leave. California is the perfect place to run this type of scheme. I mean, U2 and a 3D concert film…you don’t get much better.”

Of course, the success of this advertising plan depends on how well Sadler does during the race trying to keep up with the “Fast Cars.” If he doesn’t … you can insert your own “…Pay for Your Crashed Car” pun here. 🙂

(Thanks Nic O)

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