Welcome to the @U2 blog!

As times and technology changes, we’re doing our best to keep up. The entire @U2 news staff has access to posting here on the blog, so check back in regularly — you never know who will be posting or what we’ll be posting about. Most of the newsy items will continue to be posted on our home page under “Bits And Bytes”, at least until we move @U2 to a new server and do some other site upgrades.

One of the most common requests (complaints, really) we get is that the news stories written on “Bits and Bytes” are available for a week or so, and then disappear forever. So we see the @U2 blog as one way to solve that problem. At some point, probably several months away, this blog will be integrated into our home page as a replacement for “Bits and Bytes”. Not only will we have archiving at that point, but we’ll also have comments and feedback from @U2 readers right with the Bits and Bytes material.

There are two other reasons we want to move away from the current B&B setup to what a blog offers, and particularly, what Blogger offers: integration with 1) Flickr, and 2) Audioblogger.com. As you’ll see in the next two posts, these two features will give us the opportunity to bring you immediate visual and audio reporting from anywhere we happen to be. I think you’ll like the new opportunities for news reporting we’ll be able to do from here on out.

So, welcome to the newest feature of @U2. Enjoy! 🙂

2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Koko December 11, 2006 at 11:46 pm #

    The concert in Honolulu was a mind blowning experience..Pearl Jam “Embraced the Island” with a tribute to Bradda IZ. They Know the true meaning of “Aloha”.
    As for U2 They Rocked !!
    Only “gripe” I got is with the security. The men in the pit were pushing and elbowing me ( I am only 5″1, 105lb.) and the security allowed these men too abuse us women because they did not want to “SHARE ” the railling (which they spreaded there flags out) to state this is “MY SPACE”.
    Look this is a concert, people are bound to squeeze in (especially in the pit area). I did not know that YOU can claim “YOUR SPACE” if not get pushed, elbowed, and harassed the whole night and what tops it off, the Head of security”KEVIN” of U2 condoned this type of abuse on women.
    If they wanted “SPACE” they should have bought a seating ticket and not be a crybaby about their “SPACE”
    U2 sings about Love, and being kind to a fellow human being. But yet U2’s own security allows this type of behavior. How Ironic! (PUKE)
    SHARING IS CARING!!!!!!!!!

  2. djsohl December 14, 2006 at 10:09 pm #

    U2’s Head of Security is Scott Nichols. You and your friend decided that you were somehow entitled to be on the rail in Honolulu. You pushed and elbowed your way in between myself and the two Italian men that were next to me with their flag on the rail. When we resisted you complained to the event security that we were somehow abusing you. You tried unsuccessfully to have me thrown out. The fans on the other side of the ramp witnessed this and flagged down Scott Nichols and explained to him what was going on. He purposely singled you and your friend our because of your rudeness. He told the two of you to knock it off and that you need to “listen more closely to the bands song lyrics”. I have never experienced such rude behavior from anyone at a U2 show. I don’t understand why you were so desperate to get to the rail when you and your friend spent most of the show sitting next to the rail smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately, your poor attitude and behavior ruined the show for myself, and the rest of the fans in our area. Mahalo for showing me the true spirit of “Aloha” from a Hawaiian native.