Angela Barresi’s U2 Fan Stories

It’s 41bTk98R5CLa long-standing tradition for U2 fans to get to the point where their passion for the band, its music, and its influence in their private and public lives prompts them to take pen to paper to tell others about it. I love that there’s this growing library of first-person stories coming out of U2 Fandom. Now Angela Barresi, a staff writer for Italy’s U2 360 Gradi, has added her book to the shelf.

All I Want Is You is a self-published collection of about a year’s worth of her charming short columns and personal reflections, illustrated with her own drawings. Elisa Agostini wrote the English translation, which, due to some of the roughness of the translation, made me wish I could read Italian. I’m sure it’s an even better experience to read Barresi in her own language.

Barresi kindly sent me two copies of the book in English and asked if I’d make one available to a fan, which I’m happy to do. So, first come, first served. Contact me if you’d like to receive a free copy of her book.

That one free copy went fast! But you can purchase a copy at a fair price from Amazon in Italian here or in English here. It’s also available from iTunes.



One Response to Angela Barresi’s U2 Fan Stories

  1. Angela March 24, 2014 at 12:12 pm #

    Thank you very much to Scott for his kindness and his availability. I hope fans will enjoy the book.